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Hollywood Celebrities Who Lost Their Careers Because of A Mistake

Being a popular celebrity in Hollywood comes with a cost. It would take more than just talent and personality to remain on top and to thrive in the industry. That is why we think that at all times actors and other artists are to be found at their best. However, for the following celebrities, although they tried, they were at one point caught off guard, not in their best state, or just in a bad time. Also, maybe, they just had bad luck. However, some of them were kind enough to let us in their lives and were humble to a degree that they even admitted to their mistakes. We hope this serves as a lesson if not for other celebrities, but at least to us common people, living our lives as if we’re the only ones in the world.



There was a time that Mel Gibson was heralded in the world of film and media for his actions and also directing craft. However, not all that is great on the camera is also good off-camera. Apparently, Gibson had secret thoughts that he should have been best kept hidden. He got involved in a controversy where his racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic opinions got leaked to the public. As a result, he got much hate from fans and even bodies such as Facebook and Twitter in protest. Since then, no one in the film industry would bet on him or admit him to a team. We just hope he does right with his money management after all the successful projects he made before for sure he has earned quite a fortune. It is indeed best to manage them well.